The Painted Siegel
At Dallas Nightclub. 
I always thought this place was a strip club.

At Dallas Nightclub. I always thought this place was a strip club.

Last night’s party had a 30 ft long slip-n-slide. Whataparty!

Last night’s party had a 30 ft long slip-n-slide. Whataparty!


Last week I made this Rachel Ray recipe, minus the steak. As I hollowed out the tomatoes I realized the recipe might be a little too advanced for my cooking skills. With that said, it came out pretty good and gave me a little confidence boost in the kitchen. I don’t think I’ll make it again, but it was fun! 

2010 Wins Best Thanksgiving Meal, Yet.

I think it is safe to say this year’s Thanksgiving was the best meal yet. It was hosted by my Cousin Mike and his Wife Jenny at their beautiful home in Terrytown, West Austin. I don’t think one dish was a bomb, they all exceeded expectation. The only thing missing was my mom, who had to work because cancer doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving. (She works at MD Anderson, Cancer Hospital)

the spread

Turkey and Brisket from Rudy’s BBQ, two kinds of stuffing, Aunt Helen’s creamed spinach that I made (vegan), brussels sprouts with bacon, green bean with bacon and mustard sauce, too much cranberry sauce (that I made), sweet potatoes, and creamed corn. 

Kid's Table

The Kid’s Table, where I will sit for the rest of my life. 


Now you see it. 

No Plate

Now you don’t. 


My cousin Autumn and her baby’s daddy Dennis with their 4 month old Stella. I am now pressuring my brother Myles into having a baby with an Asian girl. 

Dessert Storm

The Dessert Storm


One more of little Stella. 

Uncertain Caddo Lake

Friday night, my boyfriend Andrew and I drove to Caddo Lake for a cabin retreat with his friends Ruben and Kelly. In one weekend we managed to drive over 600 miles and spend about 31 hours total on the Texas-Louisiana border in the form of a lake. Here are a few photos.

Lost Highway

All I could think of at 1:30 am as we drove through Marshall, Texas was:
1. David Lynch’s Lost Highway
2. Aliens (the real deal, not the movie)

Big Cypress

The Spanish Moss is thought to be the hair of a deceased Native American Princess who died young.

Fallen Log

Kelly conquering a fallen hero.


On our paddle boat tour we were told this Big Cypress is thought to be 700-800 years old.

Andy making smores

Andrew taking his time to get a nice golden crust on his marshmallow.

Lili Pads

Lily Pads, and not this kind: Please Follow Link, You Will Not Be Disappointed.

Making Shrinkey Dinks

I made a few shrinkey dinks tonight. This is my favorite way to make art these days.

Shrinkey Dink

Shrinkey Dink

Shrinkey Dink


October 26th at Emos, Villagers open for Ra Ra Riot. Can’t wait to watch this little Irish man perform.

Glad I made it.

I got my butt over to d berman gallery today to experience the current, and almost over, exhibit featuring Shawn Smith and Joseph Philips. If you are like me and want nothing to do with the ACL crowds tomorrow, I recommend you view this show on its last day of life. Just to get your engines going, here are a few of my favorites:

                               Forest with Free Energy
                       2010 Gouache, Ink & Pencil on Paper
                                     11 x 11 inches

Vertically Integrated Model for Multi-Climate Living, 2010 
Gouache, Ink & Pencil on Paper
39 x 29 inches

Kept, 2009 
Bass Wood, Ink, Acrylic Paint, & Found Bird Cage
20 x 13 x 13 inches